Divide and Conquer


Split data across multiple servers 

to provide compliant, keyless, and 

quantum-proof data security


SplitByte’s decentralized protection provides
the only true safe harbor for enterprise data
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Team Experience

Team Experience


The sophistication and frequency of global data thefts are on the rise, costing organizations millions in fines, legal fees & reputation damage while the volume of processed and stored data increases by the day. SplitByte is the next generation of protection against organized cybercrime, quantum computing hacks, and frequent large-scale attacks.

Cost of Data Breaches

0 Days
Avg time to identify breach
$ 0 m
Avg Cost of breach in USa
0 +
Breaches in 2020

Breach-proof your data

SplitByte’s patent-pending data protection platform is quantum-proof. We turn data into valueless fragments and scatter them to any combination of cloud, hybrid and local servers. Next-generation threshold cryptography employs inherent redundancy and fault-tolerant data retrieval.


SplitByte is a fully scalable enterprise technology platform for all data types. Organizations with petabytes of data have full control and sovereignty to utilize their choice of storage platforms. Data can be stored via cloud, hybrid cloud, or locally with absolute flexibility and freedom.


SplitByte offers keyless encryption- protect your data without the vulnerabilities and complexities associated with traditional key management. Authorized users can easily open both data in motion or at rest via web-browser or desktop client. Keyless security eradicates key management negligence & avoids single point of failures.

Attack Immunization

SplitByte immunizes data against attacks and data breaches due to malware, insider-threats, ransomware, human error, and negligence while mitigating the effect of current and future security component vulnerabilities such as quantum-computing attacks, DDOS, buffer overflow, and SSL Heartbleed.


A.I. powered pattern recognition instantly detects any download irregularities while a traceable trail of what, when, and by whom data was accessed is constantly recorded.  To address the legal paradox that pits data retention against privacy compliance, SplitByte leverages inexpensive cloud storage for retention and smart escrow contracts to comply with GDPR/ CCPA, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and FERPA privacy laws.,

A.I. Defense

A.I. driven intrusion detection recognizes patterns and monitors data splits for irregularities

Secured Data Access

Access is limited to rogue insiders and hackers without the worry of configuration error incidents

Easy to Use Interface

Seamless windows client and web browser interface available for both administrators and end-users

Split It Up!

Organizations identify any data that needs to be stored securely.

Data is split into pieces and stored in geo-dispersed locations reducing exposure.

On-premises or cloud-based splits contain no decipherable data, neutralizing threats.

Authorized users can easily open both data in motion or at rest via web browser or desktop client.

 SplitByte’s next-generation decentralized cryptographic algorithm provides safe harbor data protection beyond encryption and reduces the total lost business value from data breaches, associated downtime, and reputation damage.