SplitByte Technology

Helping your data rest in piece

Multi-party computation

Safeguard your sensitive data with our advanced patent-pending encryption technology

Keyless encryption

Do away with the hassles of handling keys related to encryption, and the vulnerabilities it introduces


With improved policy rules to limit data access to rouge insiders and/or hackers, SplitByte eliminates configuration error incidents

Data breaches are a common phenomenon now. Data is increasing and so is the sophistication of attacks. It is very important to identify your critical data and to protect it.

Are traditional protection methods enough to counter this?

SplitByte provides that next level of protection – against organised cyber crime, quantum computing hacks and frequent large-scale attacks. We equip you with a fail-safe for your most important data.

Software Based Protection

Using Next Generation cryptography, SplitByte provides peace of mind for corporates with their sensitive data as it rests in pieces. Enables enterprises to better manage private data in a collaborative world. Splitting the data into pieces by geo-dispersing it allows higher level of data protection. Safety is delivered even in case of a breach - each piece provides zero knowledge about the actual data itself. Threshold cryptography allows redundancy and fault tolerant data retrieval while eliminating the vulnerabilities and complexities of traditional key-management. Multi Party computation ensures the data is kept secure through its life cycle.

Protection for Hardware

New age Hardware Security Module's with SplitByte Algorithm to provide extra security for sensitive data. Typically used to provision cryptographic keys for various applications and databases.

What could have been prevented?

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