Our Mission

To counter new age cyber crimes with a new generation cyber security technologies. To give corporations around the globe a sense of safety in today's chaos. We are transforming how the world stores sensitive information, one byte at a time.

About Us

Splitbyte Technology secures sensitive information and delivers it only to the intended party. By splitting the data into pieces and then geo-dispersing it, it achieves a higher level of data protection. Threshold cryptography allows redundancy and fault tolerant data retrieval while eliminating the vulnerabilities and complexities of traditional key-management. Combined with organizational expertise honed while serving several F100 firms in their past lives, across financials, manufacturing, and utility sectors, SplitByte founders are sensitive to your security needs and ensure sound protection against breaches and hacks.

Leadership Team

Arvind Srinivasan

Co-Founder & CTO

Raghu Rao

Co-Founder & CEO

Saket Bohania

Co-Founder & Product Manager