Everyone Deserves Data Security

SplitByte has developed and deployed a platform for enterprise businesses to finally disarm data attacks and provide true safe harbor protection. SplitByte promises robust, military-grade protection and peace of mind previously unthinkable.


Our dedicated and talented team of engineers, technologists, and advisors is fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of your data with the world’s most advanced software.


Our mission is to completely eradicate the threat of new-age cybercrimes with a new generation of cybersecurity technologies. We are transforming how the world stores sensitive information to give corporations around the globe a sense of safety in today’s chaos, one byte at a time. 

Splitbyte Overview

  • SplitByte is a Delaware C corporation  registered in New Jersey (head quarters) and in California.
  • SplitByteworks with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and other trusted cloud and data center providers
  • SplitByte technology is patent pending and has been designed by some of the foremost experts in the security and cryptography industry

SplitBytes Values

Social Responsibility

  • SplitByte brings academic rigour to help solve the complexities of data security. Our services foster full transparency and safety of user data
  • SplitByte does not touch customer’s data unless the specifically ask for us to host it. However, our technology is typically deployed so users have 100% control of their data.

Privacy Protection

  • Splitbyte does not sell or monetize user data in shape or form
  • Splitbyte customers have 100% ownership and control of their data
  • Splitbyte uses commercially reasonable efforts to deploy and uphold the best security practices and standards
  • SplitByte is GDPR and CCPA-compliant

Knowing Our Clients

  • SplitByte conducts background checks for all potential clients or projects to ensure fair usage of data
  • SplitByte actively avoids business transactions and relationships with parties deemed high-risk vis-à-vis data collection and security

Leadership Team:
Security, Fortune 500, and AI Experience

We are a global team of 

Software Engineers and Data Scientists

Arvind Srinivasan

Co-Founder & CTO

Raghu Rao

Co-Founder & CEO

Saket Bohania

Co-Founder & CPO

Gary Fowler


Derek Distenfield


Advisory Board

Our Advisors have worked with Fortune 100 companies and are the leading cybersecurity influencers

Rick Orloff

Chuck Brooks

Nagesh Pabbisetty

Cheryl Smith

SplitByte's Approach