Split and Spread your Data

SplitByte splits and stores data in multiple decentralized locations with cryptographic technology to provide safe harbor data protection well beyond encryption


Data is protected without the vulnerabilities and complexities associated with traditional key management

Less human dependance

More than 50% of hacks occur due to human error & negligence. SplitByte mitigates this concern with distribution of control amongst several individuals

Safe-harbor for corporate data

Data is stored on both on-premise and in the cloud providing peace of mind for both corporate executives and stakeholders

Data protection and compliance

Innovative solutions for protecting sensitive data/IP, disaster recovery, privacy compliance in BFSI, healthcare and government


A combination on-premises private and off-premises public clouds provide best-in-class security


The legal paradox that pits data retention against privacy compliance is solved by leveraging inexpensive cloud storage and smart escrow contracts

Business Value

Reduce total lost business value from data breaches, associated downtime and reputation damage


Immunize data against internal threats, social engineering attacks and system failures

Traditional approach

Preventive approach includes firewall, VPN, analysis, access control, encryption

Reactive approach includes log analysis, isolating infected systems

SplitByte provides a proactive approach to data protection that goes well beyond encryption

Information is identified, captured, then split and stored on “n” different systems with a minimum of “m” systems required for retrieval 

(where m<=n).

Technology Highlights