Technology Used

Details about our key-less encryption technology


SplitByte uses its mathematically secure & patent-pending technology to split up data into individual fragments. Each fragment is fully encrypted and does not give out any information about the data. The number of fragments and its storage location can be chosen and customized. To get the data back, a subset of the fragments are combined using an advanced algorithm. The number of fragments required to recreate the data can also be chosen during the splitting process.

Key-less encryption

Splitbyte offers an option to encrypt your data without the vulnerabilities and complexities associated with traditional key management. Get in touch with our team to find out more about this unique offering.

Less Human Dependance

Today, more than 50% of hacks occur due to human error/human negligence. Our technology helps mitigate this drawback, and distributes control among several individuals.

Patent Pending

Our technology delivers a multiparty computation with great computation and storage savings, without compromising security.

Secure Multi Party Computation (MPC)

Complex operations are executed in absolute privacy using MPC, resulting in a greater level of security for the application.

Technology Highlights

Our technology has several revolutionary breakthroughs in mathematics

Compatible with existing security

An additional layer of security for highly valuable data

Brute force attacks

Technology is not possible to breach even in ideal brute force attacks with unlimited power

Geographical security

Sensitive data can now be split up and stored in varied locations, each with different security options. This makes breaching the data multiple-fold more difficult


- All aspects of splitting the data is tailored - Selective shareholders can be removed from the scheme even after sharing the fragments


Customizable redundancy options available to ensure data recovery in case of data loss

Low computing and storage overhead

Never before has such a multi-party computation been so fast and efficient with complete protection delivered

Quantum computing hack proof

Technology is future ready to ensure safe protection against quantum computing breach attempts

Perfect Information-Theoretic Security

Without the required threshold of fragments, not a single byte of data will be disclosed even in case of breach. SplitByte offers unconditional security.