About this event

Ransomware may be the buzzword of the week, but unfortunately, it is not a passing trend. Modern enterprises need to stay up to date on how ransomware will be used against them to disrupt their business.

Join Gary as he leads a discussion with Rick Orloff, Chuck Brooks, and SplitByte executives Raghu Rao and Dr. Arvind Srinivasan detailing the next generation of cybersecurity and how ways to effectively neutralize ransomware threats.


  • Introduction from Gary Fowler
  • Panel Discussion on the impacts ransomware will have on cybersecurity and cloud computing with Rick, Chuck, and SplitByte executives Raghu and Dr. Arvind
  • Introduction to SplitByte and its defense against ransomware
  • Closing

About Special Guest Rick Orloff:

Rick has developed and led critical security programs at one of the largest Fortune 5 companies in the world, Apple Inc. Rick is an operationally-focused executive with international experience responsible for business results including governance, risk and compliance (GRC), cloud security, information security, product security, physical security, cyber investigations, and national security programs. He’s also a Board Member or Board Advisor to several technology companies.

About Special Guest Chuck Brooks:

Chuck Brooks, named by Thomson Reuters as a “Top 50 Social Influencer in Risk, Compliance” and “#2 Global Cybersecurity Influencer” is a thought leader, influencer, and technology evangelist leading the charge to eradicate cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks globally. He received presidential appointments for executive service by two U.S. presidents, has spoken on panels for AT&T, IBM, Blackberry/Cylance, Xerox, General Dynamics, and Tripwire regarding cybersecurity, and is an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University and a former adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University.

About Gary Fowler:

Gary has 30 years of operational, marketing, sales, and executive leadership experience including a $1.35 billion dollar exit and a successful Nasdaq IPO. He has founded 15 companies: DY Investments, Yva.ai, GVA LaunchGurus Venture Fund, GSD Venture Studios, Broadiant, etc. Under his leadership, Yva.ai was named one of the Top 10 AI HR Tech companies globally. Gary was recently named one of the top 10 Most Influential AI Executives to Watch in 2020.

He is a writer at Forbes Magazine and published over 60 articles on AI and Technology over the last year.

About Raghu Rao:

Raghu is a serial entrepreneur, strategic business advisor, and angel investor. He has founded, scaled and had successful exits with several high-technology companies, led teams for management, operations and oversight for clients in GovTech, BioTech, Publishing, and Energy sectors. Raghu has advised clients on the strategy and roll-out of high-profile projects, such as USA.gov, TSA Screening Gateway, Cancer.gov and other eGovernment initiatives.

About Dr. Arvind Srinivasan:

Arvind is a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at SplitByte. Prior to that, he was a CTO at Zl Technologies. Arvind is a talented product-minded engineer and result oriented, entrepreneurial minded, ‘right-stuff’ motivated individual with deep domain expertise. His skills include customer service, integration, business analysis, project management, cloud computing, enterprise and system architecture.

About SplitByte:

SplitByte is a data security platform for enterprise-level businesses that separates data into information-less fragments and scatters them to any combination of cloud, hybrid and local servers. This method neutralizes all threats, creating the first truly keyless and quantum-proof safe harbor in data security.  In the event of a ransomware attack on any one of the pieces and the piece becomes lost/compromised, the data can still be retrieved via SplitByte’s built-in redundancy. Each split contains zero information about the actual data enabling organizations to retrieve their data without the necessity of paying a ransom. There is only one way to neutralize ransomware attackers, and that is to lock them out completely with SplitByte’s solution which is ready to be deployed in customer’s environment.